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I absolutely love good barbecue. My wife and I have tried several of the bbq joints in this area since moving out here and have not been able to find the kind of que that you want to write home about. My favorite barbecue is ribs, pulled pork and chicken. My wife loves brisket, pulled pork and chicken. The local joints we have tried were good the first visit and maybe even the second visit, but after that, it just wasn't the same so we kept looking. One place that we tried claimed to have an award winning chef/pitmaster, but closed its doors after just a few months. When the craving for bbq got bad enough we would go to one of the big chain joints and ended up spending a fortune for our barbecue fix that was only fair at best.

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So a couple of years ago I got the bright idea that maybe I should try doing my own barbecue. I did a little looking around, and I do mean a little looking around, and happened to be in one of the big box home improvement store where I found the Master Forge Green Charcoal Vertical Smoker on sale. Because of the low price, we decided that there was no time the present to test the waters. So we bought this little smoker and that started my journey down the road to having the best backyard barbecue known to man.

Since then I have bought a bigger grill and an electric smoker. I have taken on ribs and chicken (and they come out excellent according to both my daughter and granddaughter). I tackled a brisket and a pork butt (which didn't come out quite so good), but you know, even bad backyard bbq is better than most stuff you get in restaurants. Neither of us are fish eaters, but I have tried smoked salmon a couple of times for a friend of ours and she raves about how good it tasted. So I figure that maybe I am on the right path and just need to tweek how I go about smoking.

Anyway, this how came to be.

There are a ton of bbq sites on the Internet today and you can find all kinds of useful information on the subject. My problem was/is that I had to check several sites to get all the information I needed at the time. Because I was hunting all over the Net for what I wanted to know, I thought it would be nice if I could find everything all in one place. So that is my goal here at - one place for everything you might need to know to have amazing barbecue and impress your friends and family with what an outstanding backyard chef you really are.

It is my intent to enlist the help of other, more expereinced backyard barbecue and grilling chef's and utilize their background to provide up-and-coming chef's with what they need to start down the road to cooking and enjoying amazing barbecue while encouraging them to put their own spin or twist to it.

So . . . if you would like to contribute to the growth of this website, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to put you to work.