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Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks

Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks

The New and improved "Grizzly Edition" Bear Paw Meat Handler are one of the most useful tools for the outdoor cooker, pitmaster or kitchen user! The new FDA approved nylon material is more heat resistant (up to 400° F ), harder, denser, stronger and tougher than ever before. The Grizzly paws will even stay sharper longer and easily shred a pork butt with no digging, poking or hard pulling needed like you do when using regular forks.

With it's bear like design you can hold down that hot piece of meat for slicing, lift the turkey or ham from the pan with ease. The natural grip of the Bear Paw Meat Handler makes them very comfortable to use and the handles stay cool. The sharp claws jam into the meat for great holding power. Top shelf dishwasher safe. Each paw measures 4 1/2" wide by 4" long, the claws are 1 1/2" long. 2 Bear Paws per package - one for each hand. Color is Black. Proudly "Made in the USA"!

Be the envy of your friends at the next barbecue cookout. Toss away the forks, you can now quickly and easily shred that pork butt or chicken like a pro. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily these Bear Paws Meat Handlers can pull pork. BBQ competitors love them and so will you, so get your set of Bear Paws Meat Handlers today!

  • Lift, Carve and Shred meats with ease
  • FDA approved nylon reinforced heat resistant design
  • Stay cool easy grip handles
  • Many uses from the grill to kitchen
  • Approved by "Americas Test Kitchen" and proudly made in the USA

Top Customer Reviews

By Randy Watson on August 26, 2015

Accept no substitute... these paws are the real deal! The market is flooded with cheap knock-offs; don't be victim to a look-a-like. (I bought mine through 'Cool Stuff Quick' -- they're legit; stick with something 'Fulfilled by Amazon' to be safe.)
The number-one difference? Look at the back of the claws. These are solid. That means there are no crevices for food to get stuck in. This was a deal-breaker for me with so many of the similar claws I was shopping/reading reviews on. The nylon material is nice and smooth; no rough surfaces or chips. The only thing sharp on these are the claws themselves. They're easy to use -- I pulled barbecue pork apart inside a dutch oven and it was much easier and faster than using a fork. Finally, *THESE* claws are Made-in-the-USA (Layton, UT). I wholeheartedly recommend them and I plan to buy at least two more sets as Christmas gifts.

By Brian B. on June 25, 2011

These bear paws are great for shredding slow cooked or smoked meats. The also double as a great self defense product. While going outside to take out my smoked pork which had been smoking for nearly the entire day, a hooligan jumped the fence to my yard and demanded food. I was able to fend him off with the bear paws.

By Michelle Davison on June 4, 2016

These shredders are amazing. It took minutes to shred 2 large pork roasts. I was impressed with the quality of them. Great value for a reasonable price.

By Candy on June 3, 2016

Got these for my husband who just had to have them after seeing an ad on tv. After a full week of pestering I caved. So far he's pretended to be wolverine and thats about it, no cooking yet. But hey, he's happy so I'm happy.

By Steven G Williams on May 28, 2016

These are perfect for picking up large pieces of meat from the grill, pan, or crock pot. They are also perfect for shredding meat. Used them recently to shred 15 lb pork butt. The beast just ripped through the meat like a bear through warm butter. No problem!!