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Bradley Smokers Original Electric Smoker


The New Bradley Orginal Smoker is a unique smoke house, sold complete with its accompanying smoke generator, in which flavor bisquettes are burned for 20 minutes each so that the temperature does not fluctuate, thus eliminating the high temperature gases, acids and resins that can distort the flavor of smoked food. The simple to use temperature controls, which provide a consistent and controlled smoke and temperature. New features include a Stainless Steel Interior with new rack supports keeping racks from tipping over when pulled out. It is light enough to carry and is about the size of a small fridge & has extra large front feet for added support and stability.
The Bradley Smoker makes clean tasting food without any aftertaste. The Heat control has moved to Smoke Generator which will eliminate moisture damage to switch & designed with Improved Electronic components & front face plate. While other smokers need to be tended constantly, the Bradley Smoker automatically produces clean, cool smoke for up to 8 hours safely and without intervention.
Additionally, using the independently controlled internal heating element the Bradley Smoker will also hot and/or cold smoke, or may be used simply as a slow cooker or slow roasting oven. The low temperature cooking environment is perfect for any smoking project and the infra red heater source is also particularly well- suited for drying fruits. The generator now has removable side panel for ease of cleaning and preventative maintenance.


  • Rack Area: 572sq" (4 x 11 x 13)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 17"W x 14"D x 31"HT - 24"W with Generator on side
  • Construction - Exterior: Powder Epoxy Steel
  • Construction - Interior: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Internal Smoking Area: 19" HT useable smoking area above drip tray
  • Internal Heater: 500 watt cooking element / 125 watt smoking element
  • Power: 120 V 50 - 60 Hz , - 5.5 Amps (240 Volt Model TBA)
  • ETL & CE Listed
  • Max Temperature: Controllable up to 250° F.
  • Min Temp: subject to ambient Thermometer
  • Adjustable racks: 4 removeable racks (11" X 13" cooking area)
  • Smoking Area: 19"HT useable smoking area above drip tray
  • Warranty: 12 Months


  • User Guide
  • Recipe Booklet
  • Comes with Rectangular Tray and Drip Bowl
  • Bisquettes sold separately

Top Customer Reviews

by Steve Baretta on May 2, 2016

I have used this Bradley already 3 time in the past week and it's awesome. with plenty of recipes out there, you can smoke whatever you mouth waters for. I do recommend a digital thermometer to go with it to know exactly when your meat is cooked to perfection. I'm not sure I will use the grill again now that I have my Bradley. two thumbs up!

by Sean473 on April 5,2016

Worked great no problems whatsoever, I would recommend this product to any one. I was also very pleased with the price compared to other competitors.

by ButterflyLady on March 29, 2016

Bought this as a bday gift for my husband and he absolutely loves it. It's small enough to store on our deck but big enough to cook plenty of food. The food is tender and tastes great.

By mike on March 27, 2015

I've had my smoker for 10 years and it still works great. its been rained on, snowed on and ignored for months. It still works just fine. I suggest you buy a cover for yours. These things are very safe, no fires to start its all electric. I use a remote meat thermometer. Those things work very well, I bring the wire through the vent and bring the remote receiver in the house. Perfect internal meat temp every time and I don't have to check on it. I read on the factory website that after two hours of smoke we can stop the biscuits. The meat can't take any more smoke so just let it cook. I load 6 biscuits for the two hours of smoke time and put in 2 extra biscuits as pushers. (You will still have smoke in your unit after 4 hours and you save on the biscuits) This unit can also cold smoke. you can turn off the main heat unit and only use the smoke generator. I put in bricks of cheese on top rack and allow them to smoke for 10 to 15 min, wow is that good! Good luck with yours, I still love mine.... even though it looks BAD!