Great Backyard Barbecue and Grilling

Cooking Times and Temperatures

A guide for how long to cook (or smoke) your favorite food

Type of Meat Smoking Temp Time to Complete Finished Temp
Baby Back Ribs 225°F-240°F 5-6 hrs Tender*
Beef Ribs 225°F 3-4 hrs 175°F
Beef Roast 220°F-230°F 5-6 hrs 155°F
Brisket - Sliced 225°F 1.5 hrs/pound 190°F
Brisket - Chopped 225°F 1.5 hrs/pound 200°F
Chicken - Whole 250°F 4 hrs 165°F
Chicken Thighs 250°F 1.5 hrs 165°F
Chicken Quarters 250°F 3 hrs 165°F
Chuck Roast - Rare 225°F-250°F 1 hr/pound 125°F
Chuck Roast - Medium 225°F-250°F 1.25 hr/pound 155°F
Chuck Roast - Well 225°F-250°F 1.5 hr/pound 185°F
Meat Loaf 250°F-300°F 3 hrs 160°F
Pork Butt 225°F 1.5 hrs/pound 205°F
Salmon 140°F-160°F 5-7 hrs 145°F
Spare Ribs 225°F-240°F 6-7 hrs Tender*
Whole Turkey 12# 240°F 6.5 hrs 165°F
Turkey Leg 250°F 4 hrs 165°F
Turkey Wings 225°F 2.5 hrs 165°F
Turkey Breast – bone in 240°F 4-6 hrs 165°F